By Chris Kinsman

My Story

I have never considered myself to be a writer, but when a client needs content that speaks to the heart of their business and brand, I love to put together words that matter and resonate with their customers. Everything in design starts and ends with a story.

In this instance, I decided it’s time for me to write a story of my own that helps explain where I came from and what I do for my clients and others seeking my talents as a designer and brand consultant.

Here is my story:

I studied Design Communication at Texas Tech University back in 1994 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Little did I know back then that Texas Tech was producing some of the best designers in the nation, from DJ Stout of Texas Monthly who now works for Pentagram, which is one of the most prestigious design studios in the world, and Lana Rigsby of Rigsby Hull.

I have had the privilege of working with some great designers from Texas Tech in the Dallas area over the years who were my mentors, like Rhonda Warren of Color Box Designs who taught me the importance of print, design and budget.

Rhonda was also one of the early innovators who started creating designs using an old form of printing called ‘Letterpress’. I thought she was crazy when she bought a used letterpress and put it in her garage. But I started to see her work and was amazed. Letterpress was almost considered dead back in the early 2000’s. But in this day and age of technology and our “always online” society, there has been the lack of contact and forgotten moments of intimacy with our surroundings. Letterpress has become a sort of revival movement that provides tactile and timeless artwork in our hands. Artwork is thoughtfully designed as a collectible or keepsake that has a lasting impression.

Another Texas Tech designer from Dallas helped spark the letterpress movement. Casey McGarr who started Inky Lips Letterpress invited a little known print shop called Hatch Show Print located in Nashville, Tennessee to speak and exhibit their work at the DSVC,  one of the largest organizations of designers and photographers in the nation. After the presentation, Dallas designers were hooked on letterpress and the rest is history with shops opening all across the DFW area. 

If you are interested in a letterpress project, then reach out to me at

As for myself, I run a studio in Richardson, Texas, a small suburb of Dallas but one that is quickly growing. Richardson is considered one of the most diverse and upcoming cities in Texas with a large tech sector and companies like AT&T, Cisco, Fossil, Raytheon, Samsung Mobile, State Farm and Texas Instruments calling Richardson home.

November 1st, 2019 marks my eighth year of business working with clients in Austin, Dallas, New York, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada. I have been a designer and brand consultant for over 20 years and consider my agency and talents to be the most creative and cost effective option for my clients. 

I believe that design should speak to the heart of what a business is about and communicate that clearly and passionately to customers and prospects. When I begin working with a new client or even a new project, I always approach it as an opportunity to connect with an audience. Design is about communication and not always about looking ‘cool’ or ‘pretty’ or ‘trendy’. We can leave that type of work to the amateurs because it’s ultimately about your bottom line and ROI.

Often, I hear stories of my clients being charged an exorbitant amount when they work with a medium to large agency. They end up getting billed by the 1/4 hour just like a law firm. Does that sound like you hired a designer? No. You hired an “agency”. 

Unfortunately, that is the reality, as many agencies have a large overhead cost to pay designers, account executives, administrators, accounting, hr, and executive salaries. Unless you are a million dollar client that can afford to pay agency rates, that cost still gets passed down to you. More often than not, your business becomes an “account” with an agency and not always a “client”. You still pay the same amount as the million dollar client and sometimes even more. Clients seeking creative deserve better. 

As a professional designer for over 20 years, I provide my clients with design, branding and marketing services that doesn’t have the overhead or costs associated with an agency. I meet and talk directly to my clients, and most importantly, do not bill by the hour. I work within your budget.

My breadth of work is vast from logo designs, branding campaigns, social media, environmental signage, websites, print and online advertising, billboards, brochures, stationery and marketing collateral. I have worked with multifamily, hospitality, senior living, financial, legal, design, architecture, and content agencies and have earned an excellent reputation with the majority of my clients.

If you are interested in seeing more of my portfolio or working together on a project, then reach out to me at or let’s chat about your business and find out what I can do to help it grow.

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